We are very proud of the high-level service we provide for our customers. In fact, we treat our client relationships far more personally than that of most agencies in our field. Many of our clients describe us as an extension of their company and as “partners” in their success.

I have employed Sunhouse Marketing since July of 2019 to manage my entire marketing campaign.? Since July I have had a significant increase in?consultations, surgeries and a definite increase in my revenue.
I have found Sunhouse Marketing to be fantastic to work with. They and my staff function?as one team with ongoing meetings and communication.
Fran, the CEO, is very personable, and is, at the same time, very analytical. Often there is not enough time devoted to actually validating approaches in the marketing world.? One of the things that attracted me to Fran and her team was their analytical approach and reporting to validate and/or change the approach.? Fran has wonderful staff that each specialize in different areas.
I have been exceptionally pleased with my experience and I expect my relationship with SunHouse to continue to grow for many years.

  • David Berman
    MD, FRCSC, Berman Cosmetic Surgery

In the last two years SunHouse Marketing has taken the reigns of our digital marketing activities and has reinvigorated the Nutribar brand online. Fran and her team have been able to successfully strengthen our brand engagement with our Canadian audiences, build out our email lists in French and English and most importantly drive users to our website and in-store. She has now been tasked to work on two more of our product lines. We highly value our relationship with SunHouse marketing and recommend them with confidence.

Jerry Abraham
CEO - Stella Pharmaceuticals - Nutribar

Over the course of our 2-year relationship with SunHouse Marketing, they have continually identified new, innovative ways to reach our target market via a variety of strategies & platforms. They consistently bring fresh, creative, innovative ideas to the table, and execute their strategies in an expert manner – resulting in a campaign which has generated over 800 leads for our Identity & Access Management solution. If your SaaS company needs leads, I highly recommend SunHouse Marketing!

Danna Bethlehem Coronnel
Director, Product Marketing
Authentication at SafeNet - Gemalto

The digital marketing team at SunHouse Marketing are seasoned pros in the MedTech B2B space. They have been able to help us connect effectively with the medical community by driving, consistent and qualified leads to our sales team. Their good instincts and breadth of knowledge resulted in a collaboration that yielded fresh and creative solutions for our campaigns. Furthermore, (and this is no small matter) they are a pleasure to work with.

Yoni Mozeson
Director of Marketing at CDx Diagnostics - CDx Diagnostics

SunHouse marketing has run successful campaigns for Makari from Google Ads to Facebook ads, to CRO & SEO.

They’ve helped us rank #1 organically (ahead of Wikipedia!) for high-volume, competitive keywords, and their approaches to ad campaigns are extremely fresh and innovative.

Highly recommend!

  • Abe Indig
    CEO, Makari De Suisse

I have known Fran and have worked with her over a period of 12 years. Fran and SunHouse Marketing are not merely consultants; they become a natural extension of your company. Whether it’s generating thousands of leads for our company or strategizing about a year-long marketing campaign or strengthening our SEO profile, Fran and her experts are always creative, smart, efficient and effective. I never hesitate to recommend Fran and SunHouse Marketing.

Jonathan Yunger
VP Online Operations - Hertz Furniture

Lawyers need qualified leads and with SunHouse Marketing I’ve finally found a digital marketing agency that floods my inbox with new, quality prospects. I recommend SunHouse without question.

  • Barry Nussbaum
    Senior Lawyer - Nussbaum Law

Sol is a digital marketing genius. He worked to refine every aspect of our paid and social digital campaigns to provide high-quality leads at low prices. Sol worked diligently with us to make sure everything was always working smoothly while constantly updating and upgrading our presence across the digital realm.

Matt Levy
Digital Marketing Manager - The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP

SunHouse Marketing has been Price Busters’ dedicated digital marketing agency for over 4 years. They use innovative strategies to optimize our campaigns and the statistics speak for themselves:

They have increased our website traffic 175%.
Their Google Ad campaigns have generated over 53,000 store visits in the past year!
The return on investment from their digital marketing campaigns is simply more cost-efficient than our traditional TV ads.
They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.

Nick Finkelstein
Price Busters Furniture

I have worked with Fran on various projects in the area of digital marketing and e-commerce since 2013. Fran and her team are very professional, responsive and understand digital media very well. In recent years we worked mainly on lead generation projects using Facebook and Google and the results were amazing. I strongly recommend Fran and her team to anybody who needs digital marketing professionals or consultants. They truly drive results.

Hemy Fintsy
Director of EVP Marketing and Business Development - Risco Group

Fran leads a powerful marketing team at SunHouse Marketing. We have experienced an incredibly fast ROI on our SEO ranking and lead generation. Fran is one of the most hard-working, intelligent, and results-driven marketers in the industry.

  • Suzanne (Sue) Bernstock
    President - Workville

Fran and her team at SunHouse Marketing are one of those rare finds in business. Fran and her team are outstanding at what they do but also they are personable, reliable and follow through as they promise to. Most of all they have achieved tangible success for my online presence and business.
SunHouse Marketing is one of THE most valued “members” of my team at Back Clinics of Canada.

Dr. Ron Nusbaum
Director & CEO - Back Clinics of Canada

If you are looking for a digital lead generation agency I strongly suggest turning to the team at SunHouse Marketing (previously eCommerceInnovators). After working with two other agencies in the past with little to no success, we turned to Fran and her team. They provided a very robust campaign for us in 2016, spreading across Spain, Italy, France. It was both cost effective and successful. Furthermore, they are professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend SunHouse Marketing.

  • Amazia Keidar
    Director of Global Marketing - Risco Group

Fran and her team are masters of social networking/media. They are skilled in using it as a tool to help companies professionally distribute company and industry related information to a larger audience. I can wholeheartedly recommend them if these are services you are looking to implement.

Josh Hexter
Chief Operating Officer and VP Business Development - Oramed Pharmaceuticals

We have been working with Fran and her team at SunHouse Marketing (previously eCommerceInnovators) for over 3 years. Their strategies are fresh and creative but most importantly – effective. In the last year alone we have had a 79% increase in leads, while ensuring that we are securely on page 1 for our most important keywords. They have great personal service and are very responsive to market changes. I highly recommend SunHouse Marketing .

Pesach Woznica
CPA & Owner - Expat Tax CPA's

Fran and the SunHouse Marketing team are digital marketing superstars. As PR professionals specializing in generating online content for clients, we work closely with SunHouse Marketing to help spread the net wide in reaching target audiences, boosting SEO and generating business leads. The unmatched professionalism and expertise of the SunHouse Marketing team has not only delivered unprecedented results for our clients, but has also dramatically improved clients’ corporate reputation and credibility rankings, positively impacting their bottom line. We look forward to our continued collaboration with SunHouse Marketing for many years to come!

Gail Bergman

Fran and her team at SunHouse Marketing are creative and innovative digital marketing consultants. At the same time, they are data driven and goal oriented. Fran is always willing to go above and beyond to strategize and provide high-level direction on other aspects of marketing too. I highly recommend SunHouse Marketing for digital marketing services in the Startup space.

  • Debbie Garner
    CEO, FEMSelect Ltd.

Fran and the team have been a vital part of growing our digital footprint and overall brand presence. The team has been proactive at finding new opportunities and ways to connect with and engage our customers. Their professionalism, attention to detail and resilience make them a critical partner in an ever-changing digital landscape!

Krystian Wilk
Digital Marketing Specialist - Homedics

Fran helped grow our firms Social Media presence from nil to a power-house of daily posts and engaging articles, infographics and video ideas. It was a pleasure working with Fran. I would recommend Sunhouse Marketing to any company looking to break into the digital marketing realm and work with wonderful, highly skilled and creative individuals.

  • Matt Levy
    Digital Marketing Manager - The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP

We turned to SunHouse Marketing to generate leads for our AI-Based speech analytics platform. They have utilized a number of channels, including LinkedIn Ads & Sales Navigator, to generate targeted, qualified leads. Never settling for a “set it and forget it” approach, they have consistently developed and tested new, creative lead generation strategies. I highly recommend them!

Joel Marks
Business Development - VoiceSense

We are very satisfied with the hard work and dedication Fran and her team perform for our practice. They are dedicated to our needs and are very knowledgeable. We highly recommend. Thank you!

Zack Lind
President, Tuviderm

“Fran is great at delivering results from start to finish. She makes sure to be involved in every step of the process and is very knowledgeable in SEO, online marketing, social media, email campaigns, online advertising, and many other skills. SunHouse Marketing (formerly Ecommerce Innovators) has been great partnering with, and the results have been terrific. They truly understand the value of time and energy and are willing to go over and beyond to ensure the end result is a positive one. I would certainly recommend Fran and SunHouse Marketing.”

Vanessa Terry
Online Marketing Manager - ObusForme

Fran’s team knows their business. They are real experts in social marketing, SEO and any other digital marketing methods you might come across. They helped us to develop a complete and holistic marketing strategy for our apps. We’ve seen our app installs grow consistently and cost effectively. Our reviews, engagement, and social media presence are skyrocketing. If you are looking to market an app successfully, I highly recommend them.

  • Ariel Weiss
    Co-Founder & CEO - Zinkerz

I want to thank Fran and team for everything you have done to take our social media program to the next level. Your insightful conclusions from the initial assessment helped us understand the opportunities and positioning within our social media limitations. Your support, guidance and expertise as we underwent our acquisition phase were indispensable, helping us lay the foundation for a more effective social media marketing strategy!

Charles Stern
eCommerce Director - GreenSmoke

I was thoroughly impressed by you and your team’s ability to think both quickly and out of the box at the same time. We’ve been thrilled with the results of our campaign and after only 3 months, your campaign began generating significant ROI.

  • Motti Stenge
    Management Strategy, Patient Communicator

The staff really know their stuff. With their expert guidance, we redesigned Gili’s Goodies’ website to make it much more intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use. Their SEO and social media campaigns have increased our traffic, engagement and most significantly our sales since we began working with them. I highly recommend Fran and her team.

David Ehrlich
Owner - Gili's Goodies

Since 2009 Fran Jakubowicz and her team at SunHouse Marketing (formerly eCommerce Innovators) have been running Hertz Furniture’s successful social marketing and SEO campaigns as well as our popular School Matters blog and other educational content resources. SunHouse Marketing has been a partner in helping the Hertz Furniture brand to become one of the largest school furniture distributors in the U.S. Fran and SunHouse Marketing are experts in their field and are great at delivering results from start to finish. I highly recommend them.

Saul Wagner
CEO - Hertz Furniture

If you’re starting a new business or upgrading an existing site, I strongly recommend using SunHouse Marketing (formerly eCommerce Innovators). The employees are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to producing a high-quality product. Fran, Barry, Noam and all her team worked very hard to create my site. They were always available to answer questions, make improvements, and provide guidance. Even after the site was completed, they continued to offer unsolicited assistance. On a scale of 1-10, I give SunHouse Marketing a 20.

Barry Schreiber

While we have only been working with SunHouse Marketing for 6 months we are already seeing substantial results from their campaign activities. Through a variety of efforts including campaigns on Facebook, Google & guiding us through a website redesign, they have not only taken our digital presence to a new level, they have generated a pipeline of qualified leads to our 5 clinics. We really appreciate working with SunHouse Marketing.

  • Eli Luft
    Director of Business Development/ Senior Practice Manager/PA - Rivas Medical Weight Loss